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How to manage depression like a grownup

Depression is WEIRD. It’s a much weirder disease than you expect it to be. Which is why, when it starts sneaking up on you in your teen years or your 20s, which is when it normally manifests, it can be hard to even recognise what it is, let alone know what you’re supposed to do about it.

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Simoleans, Galleons and Flurbos, oh my!

Have you ever wondered what your house would be worth in The Sims? Or wondered how many Galleons you’d get if you cashed in your savings at Gringotts? Or how many games of Roy you could afford at Blips and Chitz? Now you can find out!

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How to start exercising when you hate exercise

Have you got a mortifying childhood memory that’s haunted you your whole life? Here’s one of mine (oh, I have many).

I must have been nine or ten years old, and I was a year younger than everyone else in my class. Because only the senior grades in my primary school participated in Sports Day, that meant that I had to compete in ALL of the races, because there were only me and like four other kids in that age group (why, oh merciless overlords of Primary School, was this the system?).

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Five things you didn't learn about STIs in Sex-Ed

Despite the national preoccupation with sexually transmitted infections (STIs), most of us – adult humans who might have sex sometimes – are still walking around with some pretty outrageous misconceptions about them. For the first episode of our podcast, I talked to some sexual health experts and discovered there was a bunch of stuff about sexual health I WAS GROSSLY MISINFORMED ABOUT.

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Raising money-savvy kids 👧🏽

Last week someone asked me for advice about how to talk to her kid about money. “It’s not like I can just show her what’s in my bank account”, she said, laughing nervously.

I told her, actually, that’s exactly what I think she should do.

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Manage Your Money Like a Fucking Grownup

You can find this damn sexy book in most good bookstores, or here: