Launches, Meetups and Events

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I am happy to host a workshop for your friends, your colleagues or your school. Costs vary, just get in touch and let’s chat about it. If you’re looking for something more specific (for instance, tailored to your industry) I can probably help, but this will cost more.

Everything You (Actually) Need to Know About Money in 90 Minutes

A fast, funny talk that aims to provoke you to think about money management. We’ll cover the basics like why compound interest is the most magical and terrifying force in the universe, how to figure out what your main financial goals are, and how to wrangle your spending.

1-day Hands-on Workshop

A whole-day, hands-on, practical workshop for a group of 5-20 people. I will take you through the main exercises in the book, in-person. Together, we’ll help you get your shit together and make some decisions about your money. Ideal for workplaces, or just get your friends together.

School Talks: Money Orientation 101

A 60 minute talk aimed at high school students that takes them through all the basics of money management, in an age-appropriate format. I promise to try very hard not to swear. If your school really can’t afford it, I will do it for free (you’ll just need to pay for my travel costs).