Money and freedom


Schemes and Scams

There’s no way to get rich quick, but there are a hundred ways for people to lose everything because they try to. Here’s our list of money making schemes and scams that we think you should avoid, because we don’t want you to lose your hard-earned moolah.

Online schools

The new school

Interested in investigating some innovative ways to get an education? Not sure the traditional (and expensive) university track is for you? Here are some alternatives you could consider.

Getting to work

Critical skills

Before you think about financing a university education, do your homework. Have a clear idea of how your degree will improve your life – and be smart about what you choose to study. There are thousands of unemployed BCom graduates in South Africa, but the government is literally handing out visas to people from other countries because certain critical skills are impossible to find locally.

80000 hours screenshot

80000 Hours

Confused about career stuff? WOO LORDY, I know the feeling. My career ambition is still pretty much to become a garden hermit.