Radtastic investment funds and savings accounts

Guys, there are a lot of different accounts and funds out there, and I’m not listing every single one of them here. These are just some of the funds that I’ve personally scouted out as potential candidates for my own portfolio.

Heyyyyyyy… remember how I’m not a professional, qualified financial adviser? Just reminding you of that fact. Do your own homework before you put your money in something and talk to an actual financial adviser if you need to. Kthnxbai.

(Psst: if you do want a pretty comprehensive list of funds in South Africa, try this link.)

I like to choose things that:

  • Have the lowest possible costs (look for the “total expense ratio” or “total investment cost”) - this almost always means passive index investing. You should read chapter 7 of the book for the full debate on active vs. passive funds and make up your own mind about this.
  • Are with reputable, legit companies that won’t vanish with my money.
  • Are friendly for people who like to handle their investments themselves, online because, come on, it’s 2018.

Of course, you need to choose the right type of fund, with the right asset allocation, for your time period, which will tell you what your risk appetite should be. The basic rule for this is that the sooner you want to spend that chunk of money, the lower the risk rating you’re looking for.

New funds come out all the time! And I’m also not a wizard, so I might have missed some really great options. If you’ve found a fund that you think is hella-mega-cool, let me know about it so that we can keep building this list together.

Last updated: 14 February 2018 - added Coronation to the retirement annuity list

Find a fund

Looking for a cheap bank account?

Moneyweb ran a pretty good comparison of the different bank account options and their pricing. The result? Depending on your banking behaviour, the cheapest bank is either Capitec or (believe it or not) Old Mutual.

(Thanks to John Nel for pointing me to this link!)

Looking for a savings account for your emergency fund or table flip fund?

Provider Account name Link Max interest rate Minimum amount Notice period
FNB Money Maximiser Fund link 7.05% R100 000 Instant
FNB 32 Day Flexi Notice Fund link 6.95% R1 000 32 days
FNB 7 Day Notice Fund link 6.65% R20 000 7 days
FNB Money On Call Fund link 5.15% R5 000 Instant
Capitec Flexible Savings Account Fund link 5.65% R0 Instant
Absa Notice Select 32 Days Fund link 6.80% R1000 32 days
Absa Notice Select 7 Days Fund link 6.65% R1000 7 days
Absa Depositor Plus Fund link 6.45% R0 Instant
Absa TruSave Fund link 3.70% R50 Instant
Standard Bank MoneyMarket Call Account Fund link 6.25% R20 000 Instant
Standard Bank PureSave Fund link 2.75% R0 Instant

Don’t get too excited about those interest rates from Absa and Standard Bank - they have different interest tiers depending on how much money you have saved, and those are the maximums, often requiring you to have a few million in the account.

Technically that FNB Money Maximiser is a money market fund, but you interact with it like a savings account.

Here’s a pretty cool online calculator that will help you find the savings account where you can get the best interest rate.

Looking for a money market fund because your short-term savings have gotten huge?

Provider Fund name Link TER Minimum amount (monthly) Annualised return (10 yrs)
Allan Gray Money Market Fund Fund link 0.29% R500 7.3%
Sygnia Money Market Fund A Fund link 0.30% R500 N/A
Cadiz Money Market Fund Fund link 0.29% R1 000 N/A
Coronation Money Market Fund Fund link 0.29% R10 000 lump sum 7.2%
Satrix Money Market Fund Fund link 0.29% R500 N/A

Looking for a conservative investment for a special savings goal?

EasyEquities is a very easy place to buy most of these funds.

Provider Fund name Link TER
Sygnia CPI + 4% Fund Fund link 1.63%
Sygnia CPI + 2% Fund Fund link 1.59%
Sygnia Skeleton Balanced 40 Fund link 0.56%
Satrix Low Equity Balanced Index Fund link 0.78%
Old Mutual Core Conservative Fund Fund link 0.75%
Prescient Absolute Defensive Fund Fund link N/A
FNB Stable Fund of Funds Fund link 0.85%
Nedgroup Investments Core Guarded Fund Fund link 0.51%

Local financial education site Just One Lap has a recommended low-risk ETF portfolio that’s really good. You have to register to see it, but it’s free!

Looking for a global index ETF for your freedom fund?

EasyEquities is a very easy place to buy most of these funds.

Provider Fund name Link TER Currency
Coreshares S&P 500 Fund link 0.24% SA Rands
Satrix MSCI World Fund link 0.26% SA Rands
Satrix S&P 500 ETF Fund link 0.21% SA Rands
22seven/Old Mutual FTSE RAFI Fund link 1.21% SA Rands
Sygnia Skeleton Worldwide Flexible Fund Fund link 0.59% SA Rands
Sygnia Skeleton International Equity FOFS Fund link 0.68% SA Rands
Sygnia 4th Industrial Revolution (Tax-free only) Fund link 0.92% SA Rands
EasyEquities iShares MSCI World ETF Fund link 0.24% US Dollars
EasyEquities iShares MSCI Total International Stock Fund link 0.11% US Dollars
EasyEquities iShares S&P 500 ETF Fund link 0.04% US Dollars
EasyEquities Vanguard Russell 3000 Fund link 0.15% US Dollars
EasyEquities Vanguard S&P 500 Fund link 0.04% US Dollars
EasyEquities Vanguard Total World Stock Fund link 0.11% US Dollars

The US Dollar accounts are ones that you can open locally, online, as a South African, but you need to use US Dollars to invest in them. This means making an international transfer from your online banking profile or buying US Dollars in an app like Shyft. This does mean that you’ll need to take currency conversion costs into account, when comparing your options.

Local financial education site Just One Lap has a recommended high-risk ETF portfolio that’s really good. You have to register to see it, but it’s free!

Looking for a retirement annuity so that you’re not going to be old and poor?

All of these funds are Regulation 28 compliant, which means that you get the sweet, sweet tax breaks.

Provider Fund name Link TER
10X Retirement Annuity (High Equity) Fund link 1.00%
Sygnia Skeleton Balanced 70 Fund link 0.48%
Satrix Balanced Index Fund Fund link 0.76%
Nedgroup Core Diversified Fund link 0.46%
Allan Gray Balanced Fund Fund link 1.61%
Coronation Balanced Fund Plus Fund link 1.67%

Just a note on 10X: their fees get a bit lower once you’ve got like R1-million invested with them.

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