Hi grownups :)

Like many of you, I've had too much time on my hands recently, so I decided to to finally tackle a long-overdue project: rebuilding this damn website. I wanted it to be simpler, more content-focussed, and more centred on YOU, the bloody magical community that exists around this. I fucking love you guys - I love your questions,  your words of encouragement, and your stories. You're the reason that I keep writing.

I've also been looking for a way to build a sustainable income stream from blogging and podcasting, that doesn't rely on 1. advertising (vom) 2. me making a commission by convincing you to buy stuff (double-vom) 3. only doing talks (sometimes ACTUAL VOM, because I'm basically Eminem from that 8 Mile movie and I find public speaking stressful as heck).

Eminem vomiting spaghetti
it me

So, here's the plan: I'm turning Like a Fucking Grownup into a paid publication. It feels like the fairest, simplest way to keep doing what I want to do, and I'm excited about growing it into something bigger and more consistent. Here's the plan:

Normally, I'm going to try charging £2 a month for membership. But here's the deal: because you're already here, and you've been supporting me from the beginning, you get a free membership. It's my way of saying thank you. Your account is already set up on the site, so just go ahead and log in with this email address, and you should have access to everything.

And if you want to help this thing get momentum, and make sure that I can spend more time doing this and less time on all of my other hustles, and if you want there to be a season 2 of the podcast, here's what I'm asking from you: please recommend this site to a friend, and encourage other people to sign up.

I love doing this work, and you're the reason I can keep doing it. So, from the bottom of my shrivelled little heart: thank you.

I hope you're doing okay out there.

Your friend Sam

PS: This is a new website, so there are a bajillion bugs. If you find one, please let me know, so I can fix it! Thanks!

And for the nerds amongst you who are curious, the site's built as a custom theme on Ghost Pro, with Stripe managing the payments.